Red coral or moonga

Red coral or moonga

For a significant duration of moment, the benefits of gemstones for making change well have been asserted. One of those gemstones that are valued for their medicinal earnings is red coral or moonga. This is an amazing natural gemstone, formed by the shells of coagulated marine animals called polyps

Facts about moonga
Mangal is regarded the planet of conflict and vitality, and the president's position among the core community of the earth's nine stars has been provided.
In the local horoscope, an incapacitated Mars can lead in Mangal Dosha showing them in the multiple well-being problems, in the same manner as blood, bone marrow, body, body, and personal components.
It also shows injuries, cuts, injuries, and surgery. With inexplicable recovery of coral stone, all these problems linked to malefic Mars can be battled.
For those locals who need to reconcile the planet Mars and fight the problems and diseases caused by their ill condition in their horoscopes, the Valuable Coral gemstone is suggested.
The gemstone has some amazing corrective characteristics and shows higher well-being to such an extent that when the wearer encounters any kind of physical ailment, it can turn its colour.
In essence, this red gemstone is considered useful for lightening blood-identified ailments, such as sickliness, self contamination and unfavorable susceptibility, other than boosting the wearer's strength rates.
To clean and grow blood concentrations in the body, red coral rock recovery is recognized. It can also provide the wearer with problems such as typhoid, deficiencies, hacking, bronchitis, injuries, and bile diseases.
The amazing coral gemstone is also entered by private individuals and is considered convincing in women to anticipate ineffective labors, excruciating labour and menstrual issues.
The amazing purple coral can also be an endless source of vitality and endurance for the wearer, which can assist his assurance and dynamism.
It also provides protection from horrible dreams, excessive indignation, and mental despondency. Additionally, red coral gemstone is prescribed for weak children due to absence of good sustenance.
Coral stones of the highest quality come in deep red color, but they are also available in different colors, in the same way as red, pink, saffron and red vermilion.
Italian red coral is considered to be of the highest value, while various countries, such as the USA, Tunisia, Australia, China and Japan, also supply coral gemstones.

Who should wear red coral

Red coral is a gemstone that has a common use not only in India but also in the globe among believers in Indian astrology. This auspicious gemstone is a result of ocean water that occurs under the 500-foot ocean. It's an astral rock that's not a mining material. While the other gemstones like Diamond, Ruby, and Blue stone are the mines ' goods.
In general, not every indigenous person benefits from red coral. That's why; wearing this stone after consulting a wise astrologer is extremely advised.
Now, I'd like to talk about whether it's good for you. You are recommended to carry Red Coral if you belong to Aries ascendant, Cancer ascendant, Leo ascendant, Scorpio ascendant, Sagittarius ascendant and Fish ascendant.
If Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius are your ascendant, then you should prevent using them. There's some case, though, when you can carry this stone as well.
For Aeries: If you belong to Aries ascendant, it is strongly suggested that you carry the Red Coral gemstone as you benefit from the planet Mars. The planet Mars is the ascendant god and the 8th house master. Therefore, for the remainder of your lives, you should carry it.
It will overpower the wearer, bravery, command, excellent hygiene, cultural regard, place, and power. It'll render you long-lived as well. If you suffer from any illness, it can be highly helpful. It will assist you cure the disease more quickly.
For Taurus: The planet Mars is respectively the master of the seventh house and the 12th house. The Mars isn't a place that benefits you. Therefore, wearing red coral on your portion is not recommended as it will be dangerous. You can only carry, however, when the planet Mars is in Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn and you run through Mars ' significant span.
Wearing it for the ascendant of Taurus can be harmonious in family lives and can be successful in going overseas.

For Gemini: You don't benefit from wearing red coral as the planet Mars possesses 6th room and 11th room in your graph respectively. Mars isn't a planet that benefits you. Therefore, as far as feasible, you should prevent carrying these jewels.
However, it is suggested that you only carry it when your Mars is placed in Scorpio 6th and Aries 11th. You should also be qualified to carry it in Mars ' significant era.
Wearing it for Gemini ascendant can be a blessing to win over illnesses, opponents, debts, and so on, and it can also enhance the source of revenue if you run through Mars ' significant era and Mars is placed in its own mark or exalted sign.

For Libra: The planet Mars is also the 2nd house king and 7th place malefic for ascendant Libra. So you shouldn't carry purple coral because it's going to give you poor luck.
But in some situations, you can carry that I'd like to inform you. If the planet Mars is placed in Scorpio and Aries in its own flag and also placed in Capricorn's exalted house, and the significant era of Mars continues, you are given to carry red shells. Wearing it in the above-mentioned situation can harmonize your marriage life and gain riches.

How to wear red coral

·         To take advantage of all the striking astrological advantages that coral stone offers. A individual should understand in depth how to carry skillfully red coral rock.
·         The first stage in the adoption of valuable red coral is for a individual to purchase coral stone from a well-known vendor of gemstone that offers the highest value coral stone.
·         This stone should be either stud in silver or silver bracelet after having a real red coral gemstone to precisely achieve the strong advantages of mars.
·         The finest day to carry black coral stone is regarded to be Tuesday. Recommended astrologers since the day.
·         The ring's suggested weight should not be less than 6 carats.
·         Before carrying black coral gemstone, all the negativity within the rock should be well submerged in cow milk or holy Gangajal.
·         Face this rock in the south direction. Offer incense and flowers for 108 carrying this stone while reciting the following mantra "Namah Aum" or "Om Sri Sarvanabhavaaya Namah"

Origin of red coral/ quality of red coral

Nearly every part of the globe captures the renowned red coral gemstone. There are, however, few nations that are well-known for collecting gemstones.
    Sri Lanka: Red gemstone from Sri Lanka has an outstanding shine and appears very spectacular. This rock is discovered by fishermen or from the protected portion of the sea in the water lagoons close the seas. Due to the scintillating colour and cost, the Sri Lankan purple coral is very popular.
    Other than this, black coral rock can also be discovered in other areas of the globe, such as nations like America, Burma, India, Pakistan, Brazil, and Afghanistan.

Identification of red coral/ facts about red coral

You need to be conscious of how to differentiate between a real and false coral gemstone to obtain all the above-mentioned advantages.
·         Red coral gemstone colour: The colour should not be too dull or bright for the initial red coral rock.
·         Keep a certain amount of coral gemstone in your fingers and touch it. If after some moment a rock gets warm or hotter it implies stone is not original.
·         Look for any cuts or insignificant inclusions in coral gemstone. Since there will be no bumps or inclusions in an initial blue coral rock.
·         Coral is therefore a delicate gemstone; it is very likely to crack or scratch. Therefore, it can't be genuine coral stone if you obtain any gemstone with the difficult stuff.
·         Place red coral under the magnifier then don't purchase it if you see any bubbles or smudge inside the rock.

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