The United States expresses concern over the recent Indian brutality in Kashmir

The United States has expressed its continuing concern over the recent bleak situation in Kashmir occupied by India.

The spokesman for the US State Department. In the US, Morgan Ortagus, while talking with the media in Washington, said: "We remain very concerned about widespread arrests, including local political and business leaders, and restrictions on residents of the region."

continues to be blocked in certain regions," Ortagus said, adding: "We urge the authorities to respect

Meanwhile, Indian authorities have further hardened the curfew and other restrictions in occupied Kashmir to prevent people from demonstrating against the repeal of the special status of the territory and the departure of Muharram processions on Friday.

Hundreds of thousands of Indian troops deployed in every corner and corner of the territory continue to restrict millions of people to their homes since August 5, when the Indian government revoked the special status of occupied Kashmir.

The Kashmir valley remains separated from the rest of the world due to the strict blocking and suspension of communication links. Internet services, mobile telephony, fixed telephony and television channels remain suspended in the Kashmir valley.

Residents are not allowed to fulfill their religious obligations, such as offering prayers and participating in Muharram meetings.

They are not even allowed to attend the funeral prayers of their loved ones who die.

Patients, doctors and medical staff face huge problems getting to hospitals.

The humanitarian crisis in the Kashmir valley is aggravated due to the strict blockade, as people face a severe shortage of daily products such as milk, baby food and life-saving medicines, while pharmacies and medical stores have Out of stock. Markets, public transport and train services are closed from August 5.

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