Rahma accuses the stepmother of removing her father's body

Rama Ali, daughter of veteran television actor Abid Ali, who died yesterday, accused his stepmother Rabia Noreen of having taken his father's body from the hospital and restricted the family to attend his funeral.

He posted a video on his Instagram account in which Rahma Ali said he wants to tell the world that his stepmother, Rabia Noreen, took his father's body from the hospital with her without informing us.

She said that he, her sister, her mother and her aunt were present at the hospital, but we did not see and do not know where they took the father's body, we do not know where she lived in Karachi.

Rahma Ali said his stepmother told his aunt that he could not let us attend the funeral and that they did not even tell us when and where the funeral was.

Abid Ali's eldest daughter posted on her Instagram about the funeral prayer. She wrote that her father's funeral would be offered in the city of Ashiqad Bahria after Friday prayers.

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