Mafia forces Kashmir youth to wear women's clothing in India

The youth of Kashmir called Mir Faiz, originally from Baramullah in Kashmir occupied by India, was attacked by a mafia in Neemrana, in the district of Alwar, Rajasthan.

According to the details, Mir Faiz, a 25-year-old engineering student, went to withdraw money from the ATM when he was subjected to an extreme assault and was found tied to a pillar and forced to wear women's clothing in the Rajasthan Alwar district on Thursday. .

The victim's brother Mir Faisal said they "took him to an isolated place where he was forced to wear women's clothes. Then he was instructed to walk through the market with those clothes," he added.

Faisal said that despite registering an FIR, the police are not taking action against the guilty parties but instead kept Faiz in custody all night and tortured him.

On the other hand, police said we have allowed Faiz to go to Gurgaon with his brother after being detained for a few hours and the search for the three unidentified people continues.

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