LCCI expresses concerns about the tax system

LCCI expresses concerns about the tax system

The president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries Lahore, Almas Hyder, chaired the meeting to discuss the issues related to the export and taxes of the country.

While addressing a meeting, the Chamber of Commerce of President Lahore said that the number of public sector companies that have more than four hundred billion annually, which is a waste of taxpayers' money, the government must formulate a clear policy about them.

He expressed reservations about the tax system, the tax regime and the restoration self-assessment scheme and urged the government to solve the problems immediately.

He said that the decrease in the value of money has created many problems for the business community to take concrete measures to strengthen the rupee.

Senior Vice President Khawaja Shahzad Nasir and Vice President Fahim Akhtar Rahman also addressed the meeting and expressed their views.

Participants said the devaluation of the rupee, the policy rate, inflation, the tax system, the SRO at the end of 1125, reimbursements, public sector companies, imbalance in regulations and income and expenses for the Investment are matters that require immediate attention.

Members also urged the Government to abolish tariffs on all raw materials to reduce the production costs of industries and to compete in the global market.

Participants said that without solving the problems of the business community, it is not possible to increase revenues and also said that Zero has created significant problems for the elimination of the export regime, it will be restored immediately.

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