Google invented the "indiscriminate" hacking of years iPhone

Google security experts found that the "indiscriminate" piracy operation, the iPhone targeted websites by at least two years of employment, access to photos to implement malicious software and other places of user information.

In a blog post on the Google Project No security workgroup Jupiter cyber experts, not to mention websites that host pirated attacks, but the estimate received thousands of visitors per week.

"Simply put, is to visit the site of pirated keep enough to exploit the attack yours, and if it was successful, ecological install the implant," says Jan Beer, from Project Forum :.

When installed, the malicious software "steal focused especially on location data loading files and live," Beer said, adding that he was able to approach the size of the encrypted applications such as Telegram and whatsapp iMessage.

Hangouts Google and Gmail users are also affected, and adds that provided a detailed breakdown of the malicious software vulnerabilities to attack iPhone and exploited.

More targeted vulnerabilities in the iPhone's default Safari browser on the web, Beer said, adding that the project had found no pain and almost all the operating systems on 10 of iOS current version 12 of iOS.

When embedded into a user's iPhone, returned malicious software theft of information, including live local user data to a "command and control server," every 60 seconds.

Beer informed of the attacks, Google said Apple was in February, then a security patch released for the Apple iOS 12.1.

As long as the driver of Apple's money machine, with 12 percent of the iPhone overall revenue decline from last year to $ 26 billion.

The messages sent to the tech giant that in September its Silicon Valley campus Thursday, where he expects to reveal a new generation of iPhone.

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